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Part I - The Creation of Atlantis
Part II - Atlantians and Their Legacy
Part III - The Destruction of Atlantis

Atlantis really did exist.

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Atlantis was created and destroyed on the mid-atlantic ridge just where Plato said and can be seen on Google Earth; Atlantis was real.


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Book Review Excerpts:

Walter Parks… has written another well-researched and thought-provoking work in the exploration of ancient history.
He cleverly weaves together facts from ancient historical and religious documents, along with recent archaeological findings to provide a new and credible theory of the creation, legacy and destruction of Atlantis.
It provides convincing evidence that Atlantis was real and that its remains are visible today.
Reviewer: James Brooke, Literary Manager


The newly discovered document written in 9619 BC, 9,250 years before Plato convinces me that Atlantis was not just a myth from Plato.
Amazing that the evidence has always been available; we just did not recognize it.
I believe that there really was an Atlantis.

Reviewer: J. Long 

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